Mash with vegetables

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Mung beans has excellent taste, smooth nutty taste and blends perfectly with steamed vegetables. The dish is suitable to feed in the post, as a separate dish or as a hearty and delicious side dish to meat or fish. Help yourself!

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Ingredients for Mash with vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking Mash with vegetables

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Mung beans TM Mistral can be boiled without pre-soaking, then You will need about 1.5-2 hours, or pour the mash in cold water and store overnight in the refrigerator, in this case, You will need about 30 minutes to boil the mash. If You, like me, a few days will be a little busy, do not worry, after 5 days of soaking, it took me only 5 minutes after boiling water to mash was boiled. I washed soaked beans, pour fresh cold water, brought to boil, removed the foam and boiled 5 minutes until al dente, then drained the excess water.

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Ingredients. Wash and peel the vegetables. Eggplant I decided to leave with the skin.

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Onion cut into feathers, carrots grate on a "Korean" grater.

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Cut eggplant into thin. Bell pepper slice the way You like, I chopped the peppers quite large strips.

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Heat the pan vegetable oil, I use coconut, but it does not matter, use Your favorite oil for frying. Fry the onions until soft, just a few minutes, add the carrots, lightly fry and add the eggplant. Stir fry everything for about 5 minutes on medium heat.

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Add the chopped pepper, stir. Chop the tomatoes in small cubes, put in sauce pan and stir, simmer until evaporation of excess fluid.

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Add the prawns and mung beans.

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Stir, squeeze through chesnokodavku garlic and add lemon juice. Mix well, season with salt to taste.

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Saute all for another minute and turn off heat. Wonderful, flavorful, nutritious, vibrant dish is ready!

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Bon appetit!