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Smoked mackerel in the smokehouse

Smoked mackerel in the smokehouse

As promised yesterday, I spread recipe recipe smoked mackerel in the smokehouse. I must say that from the store of smoked fish home differs greatly. Will please and amaze your friends and family such an unusual dish.

Cooking time 30 minutes Number of servings2

Ingredients for Smoked mackerel in the smokehouse

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Smoked mackerel in the smokehouse

Step 1

The first thing we need to buy frozen mackerel at the store. From my own experience I recommend to choose the Smoking carcasses of medium size, and clean them easier and easier to prokopich. In the photo you can see my test subjects.

Step 2

The third stage, the nastiest. We need to clean the fish from intestines and entrails. To avoid spoilage, boil the pot is not recommended. Cut off the head, carefully scrub the insides.

Step 3

A very important step is the salting. There are several varieties of Ambassador, I chose the simplest - dry Ambassador. In an iron tank lay out the fish, cover it completely with salt, every fish add 1 Bay leaf on top, all covered with seasoning for fish, tightly wrap akmost in something tight (I wrapped in the package) and remove overnight in the refrigerator. (About 7-9 hours)

Step 4

After this time, a good salted fish we take out, rinse under the tap, and hung somewhere in the kitchen for hours, it dried. (I personally hung by the handles from the overhead cabinets) after an hour remove the fish, wrapped it with twine and hung in the smokehouse.