Bread in five minutes

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Plain white baguette. Continue to acquaint You with different types of bread for five minutes. Today baked recipe simple white bread, baguette.

Ingredients for Bread in five minutes

Step by step instruction of cooking Bread in five minutes

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The dough is prepared according to the same principle as "the American sandwich"[url=h ttp://www.povarenok. ru/recipes/show/1386 9/]here[url]
Here is the dough after the daily ripening in the fridge, thickened, and bubbly.

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Pour flour in bowl, dip hands in flour, sprinkle flour surface of dough and tear off a piece of him, crushing at the bottom of the dough, form a ball, I took half, though it turned basetime, it was necessary to divide the dough into two baguettes, they would be more careful

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On the table, sprinkle some flour, gently at first from the dough form a ball, which tie the hands lightly on the table in a rectangle.

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Now the rectangle shape baguette: the top third is folded around to the middle.

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The bottom third of the dough put on top, covering the top third (the dough flatten it to breathing), the edge of his palm presses along the seam (to keep the shape of the product).

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The cutting Board is not sparing sprinkle semolina ( or cornmeal) to prevent dough from sticking to the Board.

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Seam side down put the baguette on the Board for 40-50 minutes for proofing (cover with towel).

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Twenty minutes before baking sprinkle the baguette with flour and make a knife with a nail file cuts (depth 1-1. 5 cm), I did them later, before landing in the oven (the kids got distracted), so my baguette lost form.

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While rasstavatsya baguette, preheat the oven to 200-220 gr C, in which the warming pan, which will bake a baguette.http://www.pov
With cutting Board and baguette easily manke moved down on the hot baking sheet (the dough is on the bottom right will seize and will not stick to the dry pan)

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I put it on a diagonal because he was not a baguette, and magetism and put it in the oven the top, the bottom of the hot pan splashed boiling water (for steam) and leave to bake for (recipe 25 minutes but in my oven sat for 40 minutes).

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Turned out to be so "crocodile", but the taste is not affected.

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Put the bread to cool on a lattice, but the curiosity took over, it created this wonderful bread a breakdown 20 minutes after baking.