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Vegetable soup in the pot

Vegetable soup in the pot

Soups occupy a special place in Lenten menu. And there are a lot of reasons. First, lent comes at a time when still cold outside. Second, the soups are good for digestion. Third, the soup for the Russian people is the basis of lunch, anyway! And soups in pots is a different story. It would seem that nothing new can be said about all the famous soup? The more lean... Water Yes cabbage... but no. The soup though, and lean - but so nourishing and flavorful!

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Ingredients for Vegetable soup in the pot

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Vegetable soup in the pot

Step 1

Onion for the broth it is better to leave the shuck. Just rinse well with onion. Cut lengthwise peeled carrots, onion and cabbage stalk. Thick-walled pan will rascality oil and popecia vegetables on both sides until the black markings

Step 2

Pour the vegetables with water, add the garlic, Bay leaf and pepper peas

Step 3

Pour broth soy sauce "Kikkoman"

Step 4

Cook the vegetables at a slow boil for 20-25 minutes. Then try the salt, if necessary dosolit. The soup is a beautiful Golden color. Strain it through a sieve and use for soup.

The calculation is given for 1 liter of broth

Step 5

Start cooking the soup.

Peel the onion, carrot and parsley root.
Chop finely the onion, the peeled carrot and parsley root cut into strips. Lightly fry the vegetables in 2 tbsp oil

Step 6

Cabbage slice into strips

Step 7

Will rascality remaining 2 tbsp oil and lightly fry the cabbage in the hot oil literally 5-7 minutes

Step 8

Begin to collect the pots.

Pour into a pot a ladle of broth and put it on the bottom of the coarsely chopped potatoes

Step 9

Next, place the roasted cabbage

Step 10

Now put fried onion, carrot and parsley root. Into each pot place one Laurel leaf

Step 11

Pour into the pot the broth to "coat hanger"

Step 12

Cover the pots with lids and place in a COLD oven. Now turn it to 200 degrees. As soon as you understand that the contents of the pot begins to boil (about 20 minutes), turn the oven down to 150-160 degrees and keep the pots for 1 or 2.5 hours.

Step 13

After 1 hour, the soup will be quite thick, the vegetables are soft, retain their shape (as on my photo)

But if left for 2.5 hours, then the soup will be much tastier, they will have a rich slow-cooked flavor and taste, the vegetables are slightly mushy, but the taste will benefit from it.

Decide for yourself what kind of soup you like.

Ready soup sprinkle with herbs, add the optional crushed garlic. Serve with black bread