Rye bread tiles with spices

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Rye bread tiles with spices — improvisation on the grain issue. The bread is wonderful - crisp, coarse-pored crumb, a convenient form for the sandwiches, the aroma of the spices - not to pass words!

for Lent

Ingredients for Rye bread tiles with spices

Step by step instruction of cooking Rye bread tiles with spices

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Starter to prepare a convenient way (for example, 2 tablespoons of starter + 250 g rye flour + 250 g of water from 6 to 12 hours depending on the fermentation temperature). Sourdough should not perekinuty, it is better to use a young starter who has risen 2 times. (mine has grown from 500 ml to 1000 ml over 4 hours to warm the battery)

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What is yeast and how to treat it can be viewed here http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/797 43/ here, too http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/963 50/

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Dissolve yeast in water with sugar and salt.

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Add the bran and the spices, mix again.

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Gradually adding flour, knead a soft, moist dough.

Шаг 6

Cover the dough and leave to rest for 1.5 hours in a warm place. Then gently place on floured surface.

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Will preporuciti the top with flour and gently stretch to a thickness of 2 cm.

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Divide with a knife or a special blade dough on tiles — squares or rectangles about the size of a palm.

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Put on a baking tray lined with parchment. Proofing for 1.5 hours. Half an hour before the end of proofing preheat the oven to 190 C. Bake until Golden brown (30-35 minutes). The crust from the bread turns out crispy. if you like it chewy — wrap hot tiles in a towel and place it into the package. Ideal with fresh mozzarella, olive oil, Basil and tomatoes...