Potatoes with chili in Chinese

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Honey potato with chili is a dish for lovers of potatoes and pepper. A savory taste and ease of preparation will surely make this dish a favorite in your diet.

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Ingredients for Potatoes with chili in Chinese

Step by step instruction of cooking Potatoes with chili in Chinese

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1. Prepare the potatoes. Clean and chop potatoes into strips.

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3. Heat the oil in a wok or pan and fry the potatoes until Golden brown.

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4. Prepare honey sauce. In hot oil fry chopped garlic and cut into rings chilli until fragrant. Remove the vegetables from the pan, leaving the oil.

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5. Add to garlic oil: ketchup, vinegar, honey,..

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6... and soy sauce, stir. Then mix the starch with water and add to the pan. Put potatoes, stir and tormented on the fire for a minute or two.

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7. Serve hot potatoes to the table and optionally sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds.

Bon appetit!