Scones with blueberry jam

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Lush sweet scones with blueberry jam that can be better for a family tea party on a spring evening... Baked rolls.

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Ingredients for Scones with blueberry jam

Step by step instruction of cooking Scones with blueberry jam

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The ingredients for making scones with blueberry jam.

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In a bowl add milk (1.5 cups), add sugar (2 tablespoons), add the melted butter (120 gr.). The mixture is slightly warm.

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Add the eggs (2 PCs.), yeast (10 gr.). Of the total amount of flour to take 2 tablespoons, add to milk-butter mixture. The mixture is well beaten, put to dissolve yeast.

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After some time the mixture will increase in size. The dough is ready. Add in the yeast mixture, salt (1 teaspoon).

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Gradually, portions add the normal flour. Knead the dough. The capacity with the dough cover with a cloth or cling film and put to rise. After the first rise punch down the dough and supply for secondary recovery. Any longer you can begin cutting the rolls.

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Dough formed into balls. Place the balls on a baking sheet, covered with baking paper. The product cover with a towel and put on the delay 10-15 min.

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Balls increased in size. Start forming rolls.

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The bottom of a glass or a pestle to make a small indentation in each muffin. To fill the cavity blueberry jam. You can use any favorite jam or jelly. Buns lubricate the beaten egg and send in a preheated oven t190С. I want to note that the ovens are all different, everyone should focus on their. May in some ovens, the temperature regime should be reduced or lengthen. Bake scones until done.

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Enjoy your tea!