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Salad with herring "Vitamin"

Salad with herring "Vitamin"

For fans of herring will be our salad find! Very unusual! Vitamin frankly! Wonderful! Tasty, bright and easy! Radish, Apple, beans! Onion, herring and carrots! Top with nuts we have cilantro here at the time! And when he rises, it is possible for a table to sit down! The aroma is incredible! Before the salad is nice!

Cooking time 20 minutes Number of servings4

Ingredients for Salad with herring "Vitamin"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Salad with herring "Vitamin"

Step 1

Products. Pre-cook the beans (or use canned)

Step 2

Radish clean, grate on a fine grater, pour boiling water, let stand 10 minutes, drain the water and gently squeeze ( by the way the juice does not pour, and add honey and drink this wonderful drink)

Step 3

Carrots to grate "Korean" onion cut into thin slices and add to carrots, add sugar, paprika, nutmeg, Apple cider vinegar

Step 4

Mix well and leave to stand for (of the released juice to drain)

Step 5

To fillet a herring, I already got the filet this time, cut into small dice

Step 6

The bowl it is desirable to take deep. Begin to lay out layers: the bottom layer - carrot, onion salt, pepper, brush with a thin layer of mayonnaise. With salt in the salad be careful not to forget about the salinity of herring!

Step 7

The second layer put radish, salt, pepper, mayonnaise

Step 8

The third layer of herring, without mayonnaise and spices

Step 9

The fourth layer, the Apple without a peel, RUB on a coarse grater, only pepper and mayonnaise

Step 10

The fifth layer, beans, salt, pepper, mayonnaise

Step 11

And then repeat the layers: radishes, mayonnaise, spices, herring without mayonnaise, Apple, mayonnaise and pepper without salt, beans, mayonnaise and spices

Step 12

The top of the salad sprinkle with chopped nuts, cover with plastic wrap, sent to infuse in the fridge. at least 3 hours! Better 4-5

Step 13

When serving, sprinkle the salad with cilantro

Step 14

Bon appetit!