Heh mackerel

282 - 30 минут 2 порции

Variants of this dish a lot, but I wanted to make an interesting note of flavor in the form of sesame seeds, which with soy sauce blends like "song".

for Lent

Ingredients for Heh mackerel

Step by step instruction of cooking Heh mackerel

Шаг 1

Mackerel cut into fillets.

Шаг 2

Chop the fish into small pieces.

Шаг 3

Water mixed with vinegar, pour over the mackerel and leave for 1 hour. After a time drain the solution through a colander.

Шаг 4

Meanwhile, the carrots in Korean.

Шаг 5

Onion cut into half rings.

Шаг 6

Sesame seeds fry until light Golden brown.

Шаг 7

Overcook the onions, carrots and chopped garlic.

Шаг 8

In peretarka add soy sauce.

Шаг 9

In a container put the mackerel, sprinkle with sesame seeds and spices.