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Cake "Shokko-Mokko"

Cake "Shokko-Mokko"

Tender, soft, airy, light as a cloud, a coffee cake with a subtle hint of cinnamon and chocolate butter cream... It's not cake, it is a dream! Without exaggeration I will tell you, very tasty! Help yourself.

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Ingredients for Cake "Shokko-Mokko"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cake "Shokko-Mokko"

Step 1

While the chocolate cools, let us biscuit.
Proteins separated from the yolks.
Coffee dissolved in three tablespoon hot water, cool. (or take four tablespoons of STRONG brewed coffee)
To the yolks add half of the sugar (75 g), vanilla, coffee and cinnamon.

Step 2

Beat with a mixer 5-7 minutes on the highest speed.

Step 3

The yolks while beating should increase three to four times, and the weight to acquire a light coffee color.

Step 4

Beat the whites with the second half of the sugar and a pinch of salt.

Step 5

Until stable peaks.

Step 6

In several techniques, parts add the whites and flour to the yolks, each time carefully mixing the mass with a spatula movements from the bottom up.

Step 7

The dough is the consistency of a cream.

Step 8

The bottom of the form for baking (diameter 20 cm) lay a parchment, greased with vegetable oil. The sides of the forms do NOT NEED to grease them, the dough will rise.

Step 9

Gently lay the dough into the form. To hold a knife several lines from the center of the shape to the sides. (this is not to let the middle of the biscuit to rise "cap") Bake the cake in preheated to 180* oven for 30-35 minutes. (focus on your oven)

Step 10

While the cake is baked, continue to cook the cream.
Condensed boiled milk (take only proven quality products, CONDENSED MILK, very thick, dense, to stand a spoon), beat the soft butter until smooth.

Step 11

Continuing to whisk, gradually adding cooled melted chocolate. Should get a smooth homogeneous cream. To remove the cream in the refrigerator.
( Very easy to prepare cream in advance-perfectly stored in the refrigerator for three days. Only after such storage prior to working with the cream is to whisk a couple of minutes with a mixer. )

Step 12

The sponge is ready.
Cool it for 15 minutes in the form, then gently hold a thin knife between the walls of the mold and a biscuit. To remove the form from the cake. Completely cool it on a wire rack.

Step 13

The cooled cake cut into three equal parts.

Step 14

To get cream from the fridge and a couple of minutes to beat. (this step is optional, but I do...)

Step 15

Each part of the cake well lubricated with cream, put them on top of each other.