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A paste of broccoli and avocado

A paste of broccoli and avocado

Vegetable pasta broccoli and avocado as spreads on bread or condiment/sauce dishes! It is not only very tasty, low calorie, but just a storehouse of vitamins!

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Ingredients for A paste of broccoli and avocado

Step-by-step instruction of cooking A paste of broccoli and avocado

Step 1

Broccoli disassemble on inflorescences, stalk chop and boil for 5 minutes while boiling;
Drain the water;

Step 2

Chop the broccoli;

Step 3

Add chopped garlic, rucola, avocado, peppers, grind again;

Step 4

Add the oil and soy sauce (liquid ingredients and add gradually, you may need more/less depending on size of broccoli and your taste for salt), I have gone as much as I indicated in the ingredients, the paste should not crumble but should well be taken with a spoon/knife;

Step 5

Put pasta in the jars well and cool down in the refrigerator;
Excellent and useful to smear on bread, add to soups or when roasting and as a sauce to dishes!