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Simple and stunning in its taste Oriental cuisine. It is called meat for the poor. But the taste of this dish is very rich, I assure you!!! In addition, the dish lean. I'm sure will appeal to many. Prescription last year I heard in the transmission "morning on the 5". Thank you Cyril for pishchalnikova told recipe. Cook with great pleasure and invite everyone!!!

for Lent

Ingredients for Majorda

Step by step instruction of cooking Majorda

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1. Ingredients

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2. For this dish take red lentils TM Mistral. I recommend to use it, because it was prepared and on the other, with green in particular, the taste is not highlighted, no tenderness... not one!..

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3. Run the washed lentils in cold water. Water will need 200 ml.
In parallel, put the kettle on. After 5-10 minutes we will need the boiling water.

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4. While cooking lentils (literally 5-10 minutes), I washed in cold water rice and leave it aside.
Then finely chop the onion and passerby it in vegetable oil...

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5. Add flour to sauteed.

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7. Then add rice, fry, stirring for 2-3 minutes.

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8. Then add the lentils, drain the pot of water...

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9. Mix, add 200 ml of boiling water, again gently mixed and...

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10... cover, the fire diminished, almost to a minimum. Leave the dish alone for 20-30 minutes until completely absorbed water.

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12. Amber enjoying a gorgeous view and a delicious aroma...
Bon appetit!