Salt mackerel from the freezer

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I want to share the recipe of pickled mackerel. The site has a lot of recipes pickles and marinating mackerel, but this is not. Got the recipe in a culinary magazine and I decided to reproduce it. My expectations were met 100%! The mackerel turned out salted, seasoning, everything is normal, and the method of salting, I was pleased. Everything is easy and simple, and the result is amazing! If interested, come in!

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Ingredients for Salt mackerel from the freezer

Step by step instruction of cooking Salt mackerel from the freezer

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Spread a layer of fish, skin-side down and evenly sprinkled with spices. Put the fish, putting one half to the other, and the top is also sprinkled with spices.

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Tightly wrapped in plastic wrap and sent in the freezer for 24 hours.
In the original recipe indicated that the fish can be up to 3 months, but I kind of sacrifices do not go, we used it at a time.
For the use of thawed mackerel on the shelf in the refrigerator for about 3-4 hours.

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Cut into pieces and laid out on a plate with boiled potatoes and green onions.