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Mackerel hot smoked

Mackerel hot smoked

"smoked" is because the smokehouse for hot Smoking. Thanks to some nuances and method of salting fish is closer to "cold smoke". That's what loves all of my family... the Smoker I have is the ordinary iron box with two grids for the product - for such a thing and describe the process...

Cooking time 240 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Mackerel hot smoked

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Mackerel hot smoked

Step 1

After a time the fish washed off the salt under cool water. Not the warm! It is clear that in cool water "kozukata" not very nice - but bear with me...
Bandages like the one shown in the photo. Hung out to dry in a cool room for 10 hours...12 (mine is the night from Friday to Saturday). Depending on the time of year - or attic or garage, or just in the yard, covered with gauze...

Step 2

Dried fish laid out on grid smokehouse, lightly greased with vegetable oil.
In my smoker fits 8 mackerel of medium size (4 on each grate)...

Step 3

Set the smoker for not a lot of fire. In this photo recorded the beginning of the process, and in fact needed but not "fire" and "heat", and less than, for example, to the barbecue...

Step 4

The result of this cooking is almost mackerel "smoked" as You can see in the photo.

Cut chilled mackerel and served...

And the beer is like - Whoo! Song!