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Lean potatoes in Spanish

Lean potatoes in Spanish

Potato side dishes - Your weakness? Then offer to take in kopilochku and this option. Tasty potatoes with a stunning crust of nuts and bread crumbs. Highly recommend to try!

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Ingredients for Lean potatoes in Spanish

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Lean potatoes in Spanish

Step 1

Peel the potatoes. For this dish it is better to take small potatoes, but if You have a large, not a problem - just cut it in half or into quarters.

Step 2

Add salt, pepper, turmeric, drizzle with 1 tbsp oil, mix well so the potatoes were covered with spices.

Step 3

Heat over high heat 1 tbsp oil, add the chopped garlic and almonds. Fry for a few minutes (time depends on the degree of razogretoe oil) until Golden brown. Remove from heat and transfer to a blender.

Step 4

Of the loaf to make crumbs to make 1.5 cups.

Step 5

Highly heat 2 tbsp oil. Add bread crumbs and cook while stirring until Golden brown and crispy consistency. Transfer to a blender.

Step 6

In bread crumbs and nuts add the paprika, soy sauce and a little hot water, let stand for a few minutes.

Step 7

Grind in a blender to obtain a paste-like mass. If the mass is too dry, add more water.

Step 8

Put potatoes in the form. Sprinkle the bread-nut mixture. Gently pour the remaining boiling water so as not to damage the breadcrumbs. Cover with foil and place in a preheated 190 degree oven for 45 minutes, and then remove the foil and leave for another 15 minutes. The potatoes should be soft and easy to protectice knife.

Step 9

Before serving, let the potatoes stand a few minutes.