Salad with eggplant and pickled onions

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The highlight of this salad - pickled onions. It turns out very tasty and bright. This bow is perfect for salads, but also as an appetizer is also good! The marinade from under the bow also acts as a salad dressing. Salad it's filling and yet not heavy. Great combination!

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Ingredients for Salad with eggplant and pickled onions

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad with eggplant and pickled onions

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The first step is to marinate onions. In a bowl, mix all the ingredients for the sauce-marinade. Onion cut into half rings and leave in the marinade for at least an hour.

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Mix arugula with pickled onions and sauce from under him. See the amount of onions to your taste.

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The cherry tomatoes cut into quarters or halves, olives (I stuffed with lemon) cut in half. Add to salad

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Eggplant cut into semi-circles, prisolit and leave on a paper towel for 5-10 minutes. Then promacot speaking the moisture so the eggplant will absorb less oil while frying and will not taste bitter. Fry the eggplant until cooked.

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Add eggplant in a salad, stir it and serve.