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Cake "Honey nut"

Cake "Honey nut"

A cake with a male character! Honey cakes, honey caramel and walnuts! Delicious, hearty and sweet! Cakes for this cake is not baked in the oven, and fried in a pan for 12 minutes! These can be baked in advance, because they are stored in a dry place up to one month. Cake for those who seek only to pamper their loved ones, but to leave them satiated after a Cup of tea! Less effort, more enjoyment!

Cooking time 120 minutes Number of servings12

Ingredients for Cake "Honey nut"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cake "Honey nut"

Step 1

The oil should stay at room temperature for at least 15 minutes. Sour cream refrigerate for 30 minutes. Heat up water for the water bath. If walnuts are wet, you must dry them in the oven. Start cooking!

Step 2

In a small container mix honey, sugar, butter and heated in a water bath until the mixture reaches a homogeneous state.

Step 3

While on a water bath to drown the honey-sugar mixture the eggs will beat into a soft mousse with soda to high-volume foam.

Step 4

When the honey-sugar mixture has reached the homogeneous state, add it to whipped with soda eggs Cup sifted flour. Stir. Lumps should not be!

Step 5

The finished dough divide into 6 equal parts. I divide on more, because I love the thin crust on this cake. Cover the dough with cling film or put it in the package. Allow dough to relax.

P. S. If you are not sure that the first time will be able to roll out thin dough, not worth to divide the dough for more than 6 pieces!

Step 6

Prepare the cream. Sour cream, sugar and vanilla sugar, beat in capacity to air-condition (8-10 minutes). The sugar should dissolve!

Step 7

Enumerated walnuts put in a bag and pound with a hammer for pounding meat.

Step 8

Prepare honey caramel.
1) Pour a thin layer of sugar, butter and honey to the bottom of the pan.
2) Cook the mixture on medium heat until the sugar has dissolved. Follow the process of Browning sugar, stir it with a whisk to avoid burning.
3) When he starts lightly foaming and Smoking, immediately remove from the heat. A thin stream, GENTLY add the warm milk. Do not cease to disturb aureole caramel!
4) Remove from heat. Continue to mix the caramel until it becomes homogeneous.

Step 9

Go back to the dough. Roll out dough and fry them in a pan covered with flour for 1 minute on each side (the thicker the layer, the longer the period of roasting). Do NOT ADD OIL to the pan.

P. S. Select the diameter of the cakes is suitable for your pan.
For those who are first found with this test, its better to roll all the cakes only after the transition to the roasters.

Step 10

Here are the thickness I rolled cakes (illuminated drawing table) and here are Romantica they after roasting it. Trim dough fried and use for decoration.

Step 11

The finished cakes allow to cool a little. Despite the fact that originally, the cake does not seem high, after the distribution of the filling, its height increases by several times.

Step 12

Start assembling the cake!

Step 13

Apply a layer of cream, layer of nuts, layer of sour cream and cover with the following cake.

Step 14

2, 3, 4 cakes add to the stuffing caramel.

Step 15

Coat the whole cake sour cream, sprinkle the edges of small pieces of cake and pour caramel. And then plug imagination and decorate the cake.

Step 16

Send a cake overnight in the refrigerator to nuts and cakes have absorbed the sour cream.

Step 17

Pamper yourself and your loved ones!

Bon appetit!