Cheese garlic bread with herbs

210 - 180 минут -

Dear Cooks! I invite you to enjoy freshly baked bread! Crisp, light and very porous crumb with a delicate aroma of Basil and Provencal herbs and a subtle taste of garlic will not leave You indifferent! Try this wonderful bread, my dear! Bon appetit!

Ingredients for Cheese garlic bread with herbs

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheese garlic bread with herbs

Шаг 1

Prepare our products.

Шаг 2

In the bucket of CPS lay the products according to the instructions. In my new HP first, fill with water, then sunflower oil.
Pour grated cheese.

Шаг 3

Pour 2/3 of the sifted flour. Distribute the garlic, passed through the press, throughout the flour.

Шаг 4

Add the remaining flour. Do the edges of the recesses for salt and sugar, and in the center for yeast.

Шаг 5

Lightly even out the flour. Pour spices. Put the bucket in HP.

Шаг 6

Select: mode - main for 3 h, the size of a large loaf, crust - medium.

Шаг 7

At the end of time take out the bread and cool completely on wire rack.
This is the most difficult, because the flavors soar stunning, and I want to break off a piece of still hot bread!