Smoked bacon in a homemade smokehouse

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Today I decided to share with you the recipe for homemade smoked bacon. It will be a great appetizer to any meal. Smoked bacon has a distinctive aroma and indescribable taste that really awaken the appetite.

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Ingredients for Smoked bacon in a homemade smokehouse

Step by step instruction of cooking Smoked bacon in a homemade smokehouse

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We need to smoke fat. What you need to successfully complete this mission? The first step is to choose good raw materials. In the store to buy bacon, not very fat. His house, washed and cut into small pieces.
A very important step for good smoked bacon marinade. To do this, take the capacity of sufficient volume, fill it with water (3 liters is more than enough), add salt, cloves, Bay leaf, pepper, garlic. the whole thing boil, after boiling, keep on heat for another 3-5 minutes and turn off heat. Wait until the marinade has cooled, and put in it the pieces of bacon in 5-7 DAYS

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After weeks can smoke our bacon. To do this, take the oil lamp, poured inside the wood chips and set on fire. Fat you also need to prepare properly. Each piece tightly wrapped with twine and hung in the smoke so that they do not touch each other.

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The oil lamp closed, pour in the water trap the water (so the smoke did not miss), and begin to smoke. Smoke suggest an hour (a little more), at a temperature of 80-90 degrees.

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After an hour turn off the heat, wait a while until the lamp cools down and open the lid. Judging from the appearance of fat great smoky. Pay attention to the pan of fat, which is nearly full.

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In order that the fat was more delicious, I recommend putting it on a couple of hours to pokladat, I then slice and serve. This dish will be important for any holiday table.