Quick stew with rice and beans

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A delicious stew for a country dinner - easy, quick and not troublesome!

Ingredients for Quick stew with rice and beans

Step by step instruction of cooking Quick stew with rice and beans

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For this dish I chose the Jasmine rice bags, HM "Mistral"

Pour water into a saucepan, bring to a boil, lightly sunflower, dip it in the water three bags* rice and boil for 15 minutes

*weight of 1 sachet of 62.5 g (dry)

Шаг 2

In a thick-walled pan heat the oil, add the chopped onion and bacon, lightly fry all together

Шаг 3

With canned beans, drain liquid

Шаг 4

To the onions add the chopped tomato, saute for another 2-3 minutes

Шаг 5

Add to the pan of beans

Шаг 6

The bags with the rice remove from the water, empty the bags of cooked rice to the stew.

Шаг 7

Stir and cook for another 1-2 minutes. Serve directly in the pan, sprinkled with green onions.