Bread with sauerkraut

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I sat down on the bread capital! Well just bursting me something big and bright, when watching as a small ball of dough make a fragrant, crunchy buhanka. And decided also with some bread. Flavorful, hearty, moist crumb and slightly sour. Recipe taken from the book "the Big book of baking".

Ingredients for Bread with sauerkraut

Step by step instruction of cooking Bread with sauerkraut

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In warm water (125ml) dissolve dry yeast and honey. Remove the dough in a warm place for 20 minutes until cap.

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Cabbage finely chop.

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Also grind onions and add to cabbage.

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In cabbage-onion mixture, add mustard powder and cumin. Stir.

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Sift both types of flour, add salt.

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To flour mixture add oil, remaining warm water diluted yeast and mix thoroughly. Add the cabbage, onion and knead the dough.

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The dough is kneaded until elastic. Much flour to score not worth it, better lubricate your hands with vegetable oil so the dough does not stick. Remove the dough in a bowl, sprinkled with a little flour, cover with a lid and put in a warm place for 1 hour. If you suddenly had a problem finding a warm place, you can put the dough in heated to 50C with the oven door ajar.

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Our dough went well, was doubled. Get him, spun and put in a greased form. Cover the form with cling film and put into heat for another 30 minutes.
Heat the oven to 180C. With approaching of the test, remove the foil and put in oven. Bake the bread 35 to 55 minutes, all depends on Your shape-if you bake in a pan or in a thin-walled non-stick form, it is enough for 35 minutes if You, like me, the bread form of cast aluminum, be sure to soak the bread in 55 minutes! Do not be afraid that will seaside crust after baking at her is enough to put a wet towel and it will become soft.

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Ready bread remove from the mold, allow to cool and ran to try!
Bon appetit!