Marshmallow fruit dessert "Win"

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A delicate dessert that is easily prepared from available products. Base - marshmallows, and the rest of the ingredients can be changed at will. This is my first recipe on the Pillsbury - dedicated to the Victory Day!

Ingredients for Marshmallow fruit dessert "Win"

Step by step instruction of cooking Marshmallow fruit dessert "Win"

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Melts the chocolate. Add a drop of lemon to give a unique flavour

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Cut marshmallows into 16 pieces

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Beautifully laid out on a dessert platter of marshmallow bits

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Pour the mini marshmallows chocolate (leave a little for the next step)

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Spread the sides of the banana slices. Pour their chocolate. And with help of the tube drip jam on marshmallows

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Ready! Bon appetit!
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