Rice with egg and spring greens

105 - 12 минут -

At the cottage in the spring expanse! I told you!))) The first green – green onion, dill tender, spinach, sorrel. And the radishes are already red barrels, which means that the tops have grown! As all of this not to please! And that is not quite empty-green, add the eggs Fig. The best is the Jasmine from "Mistral" and the taste of mouth-watering and ready in 15 minutes! Go!

Ingredients for Rice with egg and spring greens

Step by step instruction of cooking Rice with egg and spring greens

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The Jasmine rice is very tender, so I cook it 15 minutes, and 12 at the time. And - Yes - we are 2 sachets is enough for three servings. Put to boil water for rice and wash well the greens. I have onion, dill, spinach, and radish tops. Green the more, the better. Dried herbs finely shinkuem.

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Rice was lowered into the water, salt a little. In a pan heat vegetable oil and a little onion pripuskaet. Spread the remaining greens and stir, allow it to settle.

Шаг 3

Add sour cream, stir.

Шаг 4

Beat eggs, stir and a little salt without clogging delicate sweetness of greenery. Once the eggs are seized, turn off the heat and put a thin top plastics butter. Let them melt, stir after again.

Шаг 5

Rice bags dry, shakes out on a plate, spread on top of fragrant green mass. And right at the table! Breakfast or dinner – better not to think!