The cheesecake "pop-up Titanic"

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Say: "Again, cheesecake! How can?"? And make a mistake. Yes, cheesecake! Yes, cottage cheese! But such a test with such ingredients You are definitely not ready! Interested? Then come and learn all about it!

Ingredients for The cheesecake "pop-up Titanic"

Step by step instruction of cooking The cheesecake "pop-up Titanic"

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Photos are few, but, despite the apparent complexity, the dough is very simple. As the dough is "born" and the details of its preparation I have described in the diaries http://www.povarenok .EN/blog/show/54116/ and
http://www.povarenok .EN/blog/show/54141/
The process begins with the creases that you need to prepare in advance, at least for a day. Can do without it, but then the amount of yeast for the dough you need to increase.
For Bigi dissolve yeast 1 g in 60 ml of warm water, add 60 g flour 1 grade. Mix thoroughly, cover and put into the refrigerator for a day. Big stored up to 2 weeks, but I haven't checked. More than 5 days I have no time to live. :-)
During the day, the yeast begin to "work" and grow big 2 times and bubbled. So, ready to use. The photo of what she looks like.

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Now activate the 2 g yeast in warm water 20 - 30 ml., pour some sugar, that was faster. And sugar must be "dissolved" into the warm millet.

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Pumpkin puree should be thick. Approximately like the picture. The oil should melt and add to puree.

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Gently mix all "liquid" ingredients with bigou. You can use a food processor on low speed. Well now sift the flour. Gradually pouring flour, zamesit dough. Only need to write 50-100 g flour for later. How many leave? Look at the consistency of the dough. If watery, leave 50 g. If 100 g, and the dough is "good", then it should be. Flour are different.
The dough is kneaded and left to rest for 30 minutes to develop the gluten. Then again knead the dough.

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Now take the largest capacity ( I bowl for multivarki for 5 liters) recruited in very cold water and drown the dough.
You can watch as it POPs up, and you can go about your business.

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The first time I have come up after 2 hours and the second after 4! Therefore, the exact time not say. But take out time, if it swims this way

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"Save" our dough! Vykladyvaem on covered flour surface, cover with a towel. Let the cold half an hour. And after that, well knead it with the remaining flour.

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For the filling, mix all the ingredients and do some molding. As filling and molding can be any. I invented the cheesecake. And forming the simplest. Spied Svetlana Metaxa (Metaxa.), her recipe "Buns with Apple filling". Not my strong point yet forming. Try learning.
The total number of the test, I got 8 big cheese. The frame has got only 5.

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Even the Teddy bear wanted to try!

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In bright light