Pie with young cabbage and sour cream

115 - 180 минут -

Delicious homemade cake with young cabbage and sour cream, it is sure to delight your loved ones at the family table.

for Easter

Ingredients for Pie with young cabbage and sour cream

Step by step instruction of cooking Pie with young cabbage and sour cream

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Ingredients for the dough

Шаг 2

In a bowl add warm milk, sugar (1,5 tablespoons), add the yeast (10 gr. granular yeast)

Шаг 3

Of the total amount of flour to take 2 tablespoons and add to milk - yeast mixture. Blend to mix and put in a warm place to dissolve the yeast

Шаг 4

After a certain time on the surface of the mixture of a cap of small bubbles. The dough is ready

Шаг 5

In the dough add the egg (1 piece), salt (1 teaspoon), add the vegetable oil (1 tbsp)

Шаг 6

Butter (60 gr.) melt, cool and add to the prepared sourdough

Шаг 7

In a bowl with yeast mixture add gradually the whole batch of flour

Шаг 8

Knead the dough. The bowl with the dough cover with a piece of cloth or towel and put in warm place to rise. After the first rise punch down the dough and put to rise a second

Шаг 9

While the dough is rising, begin making filling. Cabbage (500 gr.) to chop thin straws

Шаг 10

Into the pan add 1/3 Cup of water, add the cabbage. The pan put on low heat, cover lid and simmer the cabbage until Al dente and the liquid is evaporated

Шаг 11

Then add the butter (70 gr.), stew

Шаг 12

Then add 3 tablespoons sour cream

Шаг 13

Simmer the cabbage until soft

Шаг 14

The dough is well risen, you can proceed to cutting the cake

Шаг 15

The form for baking grease with a thin layer of butter, sprinkle with flour

Шаг 16

To make "a French shirt"

Шаг 17

Divide the dough into two parts. One part roll out the layer, cut a circle. To move the circle into shape, to flatten, to make a side

Шаг 18

Cabbage filling is spread on the surface of the rolled seam

Шаг 19

The second part of the dough velvety in the seam, leaving a small piece of the pie for decoration

Шаг 20

Of rolled dough to cut strips to make the braids

Шаг 21

The edge of the pie to grease with water, transfer the braid to the surface of the pie

Шаг 22

Next, draw a pie to taste. Make a few punctures to release the steam while baking

Шаг 23

The surface of the pie brush with beaten egg and send in a preheated t180 - 190C oven for baking. I want to note that I give only an approximate temperature for baking, everyone should focus on the capabilities of your oven, all of them are different

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Bon appetit!