Rice with sausage and vegetables

111 - 15 минут 3 порции

This dish is true in the summer season - and quick and delicious, and budget, and boys. and girls. The combination of crispy rice with vegetables and sausage links - a win-win.

Ingredients for Rice with sausage and vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking Rice with sausage and vegetables

Шаг 1

While boiling water for cooking rice, prepare the products. Sausage cut by slices, onion - half rings, carrot grate on a coarse grater, bell peppers and tomatoes - small cubes. Cabbage chop thin strips, green would Nachinaem.

Шаг 2

Boiling water salt and drop it in a bag of rice and forget about it for 15 minutes. Rice will not burn and will not stick together - it bags.

Шаг 3

In a pot heat the oil and fry it in sausage, stir. 3атем alternately add the vegetables, stirring each time: onions, carrots, bell peppers and tomatoes. All to mix and extinguish 2-3 minutes.

Шаг 4

Then add the cabbage, stir, cover with a lid and stew until ready.

Шаг 5

At the end of cooking season with salt, ground black pepper, stir.

Шаг 6

Pour the cooked rice on a dish, next put the sausages with the vegetables, sprinkle with herbs and serve.

Bon appetit!