Vitamin salad

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The original recipe of this salad contained in the cookbook of the XIV century,"cooking food". The taste of this dish balances between sweet and salty, fashionable taste of the time. The salad is very good for a light snack.

Ingredients for Vitamin salad

Step by step instruction of cooking Vitamin salad

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Here are the products we need.
This salad is good because you can use any greens. It is especially recommended sorrel, you can safely experiment with other combinations of greens.
I had a salad mixture of leaves of beets and spinach.

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In a bowl fold the salad mix and chop the onion.

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Mix the butter with the salt and vinegar.

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Nuts to roast and smash.
Pour salad oil fill, if need it needs more salt.
Sprinkle with raisins and nuts.