Marinade for barbecue chicken

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The season tasty and juicy kebab has long been considered an open, so I immediately publish your proven and the most delicious (in my opinion) marinade for chicken skewers. The chicken comes out super juicy and delicious!

Ingredients for Marinade for barbecue chicken

Step by step instruction of cooking Marinade for barbecue chicken

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Mix the mayonnaise with the chutney, add little black pepper.

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Onion cut into half rings.

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Add the marinade and onion in a bowl with chicken, mix everything well and leave the meat to rest for a few hours. Please note that the marinade I do not salt! I add salt just before cooking the meat, so it is more tender and juicy!

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Chicken on the grill is cooked quickly enough. When cooking, do not forget to periodically spray it with water. All good appetite and good mood!