Hawthorn tincture "Rehabilitation"

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Hawthorn tincture - a phrase familiar to everyone. At the moment, because of the events, for many, it is associated with local drunks-the misfits who drink all that burns. It's a shame that a really cool thing, because not dishonest dealers fall into the category of the base. I would like to rehabilitate this drink, in the eyes of others and today I want to offer pure medicinal extract and a delicious, noble, laughing, relaxing, well, a little bit of medicinal properties of the drink.

Ingredients for Hawthorn tincture "Rehabilitation"

Step by step instruction of cooking Hawthorn tincture "Rehabilitation"

Шаг 1

Mix all the ingredients in a glass jar, juice press is the quantity of alcohol, with 1/4 of lemon. A good shake and sent for a period of 14 to 30 days, in a dark place.
Daily, preferably shake well.

Шаг 2

When the berries lose their color and the bottom will fall deposits - our wonderful drink is ready.
It needs to be carefully removed from the sediment and filtered through cotton pads, what would the kalhúa in it was completely transparent.
Tincture has a beautiful amber color, very harmonious smell: neither of which sticks to the fore, easy to drink, moderately sweet, with a pleasant aftertaste of lemon.
Highly recommended after a hard day or evening in the country, under the BBQ - delicious, relaxing and even useful, important not to overdo it with the amount usable!