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The harissa recipe on the website is there, but it was prepared is a brutal man with a unfeminine use of power and heaps of time. Women have not much time so they save it. I'll show you the effective preparation of this traditional Armenian dishes, using cooking technology, which is not inferior in flavor, but prepared almost without your participation. In addition, we use the right grits for harissa, which will tell.

Ingredients for Arisa

Step by step instruction of cooking Arisa

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For the beginning acquainted with the correct grains for harissa - song of songs of Armenian cuisine, the pearl of Armenia - javar. Zavar made from mountain wheat. Small dairy grain podparyvajut, a little dried and clean film. In appearance the product resembles barley. In dishes of this cereal is often replaced with bulgur (which is very close, because it is also a form of whole wheat) or Arborio rice. But still the traditional ARIS better to cook whole wheat or wheat grits, but not fast food.

To our Zavar caused us fewer problems when cooking - soak it at night, previously well washed.

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Put grits in the slow cooker (which we drained the water), chopped the chicken and pour the boiling broth. Put the slow cooker on 4 hours in the FIGHTING and leave in peace.

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However, it is not subject periodically reminded of our Ariza (twice per hour), open the lid and with a wooden spoon or spatula, beat movements mix thoroughly. The name of the dish in Armenian means - mix-whipped it, now do you understand why? Again, we need to achieve a viscous consistency. And not much worry. The first 2.5 hours just not to interfere - it makes no sense. But if you cook in the pan... then stop have more often. After 4 hours of cooking Ariza will resemble the consistency of viscous oat porridge, the chicken will not be seen.