Salad "Sprode"

167 - 25 минут 8 порции

Simple, bright, delicious and hearty dish. This salad is not only great for family lunch or dinner, but also it will decorate a holiday table. The ingredients are accessible and affordable. Salad composition may seem similar to a " Mimosa", but the taste is still different.

for New Yearfor 8th of Marchfor birthdayfor 23rd of February

Ingredients for Salad "Sprode"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "Sprode"

Шаг 1

Prepare your ingredients. Potatoes, carrots and eggs to boil. Allow to cool and peel.

Шаг 2

On top spread the grated potatoes, mayonnaise ( I had 2 PCs.)

Шаг 3

Finely chop the green onions and spread on the potatoes. Detachable whites from yolks, RUB on a grater and spread the fourth layer of mayonnaise. I have one egg left to decorate the salad.

Шаг 4

Then we spread the grated boiled carrots.

Шаг 5

The last layer of grated egg yolk.

Шаг 6

Liberally grease mayonnaise.

Шаг 7

Remaining egg grate on a grater and spread on salad.

Шаг 8

Decorate according to your taste.

Шаг 9

Sprat pate did not spoil the taste of the salad, equally delicious!

Шаг 10

But still the first time try to cook this salad with sprats.