Rice pudding with custard

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My youngest son refuses the rice cereal, but with great pleasure absorbs the rice pudding from the store. Had to find a way out.

Ingredients for Rice pudding with custard

Step by step instruction of cooking Rice pudding with custard

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From the last of the cake "Flower lime" www.povarenok.ru/rec ipes/show/140779/ I was left with excess cream, which I decided to use in the preparation of this dessert. I had 2 spoons of custard.

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And about 250 ml. of custard mixed with mascarpone and lime curd.

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The first thing we have to boil thick rice porridge. Very convenient of rice cereal in the slow cooker. After boiling, the milk porridge is ready in literally 5 minutes. In the porridge I added a spoonful of butter, custard and a few drops of vanilla essence. The cooled porridge to put in a container. From top to spread a layer of Apple /apricot or/ puree.

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To cover all of the custard with mascarpone. Sprinkle with nuts.

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Or, as I roasting a little of oatmeal with sugar. After cooling, the dessert holds its shape and is cut perfectly.

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And she won! The child said that the delicious, is not worse than the store-bought version! Try it and You!

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Bon appetit!