Meat spiral "Express recipe"

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When you need to quickly marinate meat for grilling, I use this recipe cut into thin strips of meat in marinade from the cheese and teriyaki sauce marinated 30-60 minutes, roll the meat in a spiral and bake on the grill. Today I had stuffed peppers, which gave extra taste to our dish.

Ingredients for Meat spiral "Express recipe"

Step by step instruction of cooking Meat spiral "Express recipe"

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Cut the meat into thin strips, place them in a bowl, add Georgian adjika.

Шаг 2

Pour sauce marinade Teriyaki TM "Kikkoman" salt to taste.

Шаг 3

Mix the meat with the marinade and leave to marinate for 30-60 minutes.

Шаг 4

Strips of meat rolled into a spiral, to fix them with wooden skewers, lard and slices of pepper.

Шаг 5

Placed the spiral on the grill and roast over coals until done.