Cottage cheese donuts

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Like donuts, know, prepare, if not all, many. For me they are the flavor of the day in my childhood. My mother often made them for Breakfast on the weekends. And I would like my children... I deliberately wrote "similar" as these for me was the "peerless" (for the recipe, I Express my gratitude to Oksana Borisova). A bit more ingredients, unlike the usual I prescription, but safely all mixed and got a great result. But before the results were different... one More thing for baking donuts is the temperature of the oil in which they fried, should be 180 degrees. Then they will not be a lot to absorb oil and will not burn, while remaining raw inside. Start?! ;-)

Ingredients for Cottage cheese donuts

Step by step instruction of cooking Cottage cheese donuts

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Cheese should not be runny. Mash it well with a fork sour cream.

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Eggs slightly to shake up with sugar, vanilla sugar and salt. Add to the cream cheese. Pour in vodka and stir.

Шаг 3

Mix flour with soda and sift in the cheese mass.
Look what a wonderful dough! The dough will be sticky, but add flour is not necessary!

Шаг 4

The author advises with wet hands to make balls and drop into oil (temperature of 180 degrees).
I do donuts by using 2 teaspoons (as quenelles).

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Ready donuts put in a bowl with a paper towel or napkins to remove excess oil.