Marinated quail grilled

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Very tempting and delicious quail will delight Your family and guests!

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Step by step instruction of cooking Marinated quail grilled

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Here are 2 packs of 4 birds I had. Quail I cooked for the first time in my life and so I decided to try 2 different marinade and cooking method.

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The first 4 of the carcass I cut with scissors along the breast and the well-watered soy sauce-marinade "Terriyaki" TM "Kikkoman". When pressed with his hand on the back of the carcass were quite smooth and I had them coated with the marinade No. 1.

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Marinated quail for 3 hours.

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And then was laid out on the grill.

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Then I mixed all the ingredients for the 2nd marinade.

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And rubbed the 2nd batch of birds, which I also thoroughly pre-sauced-marinated "Taco" TM "Kikkoman".

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While I marinated quail roasted with onions mushrooms /frozen in my/.

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And begins them quail.

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At the last moment the weather is not allowed to roast a quail on the grill and they all went under the grill in the oven. Where and bake 40 minutes with one flip.

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This quail under 1st marinade!

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And this is the 2nd /stuffed/! Mushrooms there is even a theme!

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We liked both! To my surprise it turned out that quail are very easy to eat, the meat easily comes away from the bone.

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Bon appetit!