Pheasant on the grill

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The meat of wild birds are very juicy on the palate, but it has its admirers. Offer you a recipe of pheasant on the grill. Thus it is possible to prepare any game.

Ingredients for Pheasant on the grill

Step by step instruction of cooking Pheasant on the grill

Шаг 1

Carve pheasant, cut from the chest and respective on the Board.

Шаг 2

Pour soy sauce, I choose sauce-marinade Kikkoman Teriyaki.

Шаг 3

Press out the garlic, sprinkle with sweet paprika, curry powder, freshly-ground mixture of peppers, pour olive oil and honey, add dry herbs: mint, oregano, thyme.

Шаг 4

At the picnic, when the coals of the brazier burned, put the pheasant on the grill. Put the grate with the pheasant bake on the coals.

Шаг 5

Periodically turn the bars, giving the bird to brown evenly. Total time about 20 minutes.
Serves ready pheasant with greens, vegetables.
Bon appetit!