Cabbage liver "Soulful dish"

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My dear, I want to offer, cabbage, liver and onions to put out! Lovely dish, believe me, friends! Not to try! Goes well, everything will be very tasty! The family will love the hearty cabbage!

Ingredients for Cabbage liver "Soulful dish"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cabbage liver "Soulful dish"

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Carrots on a large grater, onion rings, half rings, in the casserole or deep frying pan heat the oil, fry onions and carrots until Golden

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Cabbage shinkuem

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Put the cabbage to the onions with carrots

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A little salt, stir

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Simmer until translucent, stirring regularly

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The liver is cleaned, washed, cut into small pieces and put to the vegetables

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Strengthen the fire, stir

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Quickly fry the liver with the vegetables stirring constantly

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Next, add the cream and ketchup, stir

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Add water to lightly cover the liver with vegetables. I have a juicy cabbage, so the water took less than. Reduce fire and simmer until General willingness

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The dish is ready.

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Bon appetit!