Rabbinic “Turtle” with chocolate filling

280 - 180 минут 8 порции

Dough recipe from Irina 707 (gotovim-doma) was good, tasty and tender. As for the filling, use Nutella does not matter (my family love her very much), we can take any sweet fillings. And if you look deeper, you can change the dough and the filling. Add your own details to make it your own. I seldom repeat exactly for the second time. And so everything is relative in the bakery. The main thing that was tasty.

Ingredients for Rabbinic “Turtle” with chocolate filling

Step by step instruction of cooking Rabbinic “Turtle” with chocolate filling

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Preparation of the dough:a small amount of flour, whole milk, and yeast make mash and leave for about 30 min.
Then add the egg yolks, sugar, salt, vanilla, a bit of margarine and a little flour.
Knead well with a spatula, better hardwood.
And then add the remaining flour and margarine.
Already hands knead a soft dough, not very steep. because of the presence in the test a large number of muffins when baking the dough may crack on the sides. Leave the dough for about 2-2,5 hours to rise.

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Forming the product:All the parts forming clearly shown in the photo. Pie after forming to leave for proofing, brush with egg mixture and bake.
Mode of baking:180-190 degrees until Golden color.