Green salad with beans and tuna

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Taste and benefits! And yet, and colorfulness! Prepare this salad, delicious food and good mood You provided!

Ingredients for Green salad with beans and tuna

Step by step instruction of cooking Green salad with beans and tuna

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This is the basic set of products.

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Rinse lettuce and dry. To break into pieces, tomatoes cut in half, beans drain in a sieve, crush the garlic.

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Mix vegetable oil with soy sauce TM "Kikkoman" cream of balsamic vinegar and garlic.

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On a dish place a layer of salad leaves, drizzle with dressing. On top place the beans, tomatoes and tuna fish pieces, pour with the dressing, sprinkle with capers and lightly toasted sesame seeds.

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Salad fresh and, given the presence of beans, nutritious.

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And not at all boring, thanks to the mixture of the different products and spicy dressing.

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Pleased with his colors! My family liked the new salad! Try it and You!

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Bon appetit!