Tender fish in rich vegetables

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Tender, juicy, incredibly flavorful fish. Very summery and fresh dish. How nice after a hard day, treat yourself to a glass of wine with a gentle, tausha mouth fish, augmented with vegetables and crisp rice. Bon appetit! The idea of this dish, thank you nick Belotserkovsky.

Ingredients for Tender fish in rich vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking Tender fish in rich vegetables

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The products that we need.

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Boil the rice according to the instructions, I use parboiled rice "amber". It is perfect for this dish: crisp, delicate taste, are well impregnated with the juice from vegetables and fish.
Slice the vegetables. Onion, garlic, red chili pepper very finely. Bell pepper and tomatoes in small cubes.

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In a pan heat vegetable oil, I have olive and sauté onions, peppers and garlic literally a minute.

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Then, add the bell pepper, stir fry 3 minutes. To the sauteed vegetables add the tomatoes.

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Season with salt and pepper, squeeze some lemon, add turmeric, stir and stew for 5 minutes, if You want more sauce, add hot water.

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Remove from heat, add the greens and stir. The sauce is ready.

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The baking dish a little grease with vegetable oil, put the fillet. For quicker cooking, I cut the fillet lengthwise to pieces get thinner.

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Fish evenly pour the sauce. Send in a preheated 200 degree oven for 15 minutes, no more. Fish is beautifully cooked, while still tender and juicy.

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The fish sauce is ready.

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In the middle of the plate spread crumbly white rice, and on top a piece of fish with vegetables, cover with the sauce. Open the wine, call the family and sit down to dinner. Bon appetit!