Quick filler pie with minced meat

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This cake is primarily designed for our male brethren. The better half of humanity, and so knows how to cook such things and each has its own recipe... But this recipe takes not much time, hands stay clean, minimal dirty dishes!!! Designed for singles, admirers of than lint myself, not for the lovers to wash the dishes etc...

Ingredients for Quick filler pie with minced meat

Step by step instruction of cooking Quick filler pie with minced meat

Шаг 1

Break a couple of eggs, add to them salt, sugar, soda. Stir in a homogeneous mass

Шаг 2

To the resulting mixture add the vegetable oil and again stir well. Gradually add the flour, bringing the dough to a thick state. I got the flour home from the mill and it took less than two hundred grams. Be guided by the situation, the dough should not be too thick

Шаг 3

You should get something like this is not very liquid, viscous mass. Sorry for not clear picture and for the background - it was not comfortable to hold in one hand and a phone to catch the moment of falling of the dough with a whisk...

Шаг 4

Start the stuffing: onion cleaned, cut into rings about 1 cm thick and then cut into not very small pieces. This is for a larger amount of toppings

Шаг 5

Pour into a pan the oil and fry the onion until lightly Golden

Шаг 6

While fried onions, prepare the greens. Ideally, the greens need to take fresh and cut not small pieces. I was too lazy to get dressed and go to the market across the road and I took h/l dry parsley, dill, Basil, a little fresh thyme and rosemary

Шаг 7

Once onions have become a nice light Golden "tan" add to it the minced meat. Razmerchik in a frying pan on the large fraction. Beef take at your discretion. I have ready "home" from the market. Since the recipe is for men, not going to bother with the washing of all kitchen gadgets. Once the beef is slightly fried, add spices, spices. Add salt optional - mayonnaise salt in the dough. I added. Pour into mince a half Cup of water for the juiciness of the filling. When the beef reaches the desired condition, add the greens and fry for another minute - green should stay green

Шаг 8

Take a baking dish and well grease with butter. Pour into it half of the dough, pour the filling on top and pour the remaining batter. I have a cake pan - not a very appropriate dishes, but the other is not found

Шаг 9

As they say in Ukraine - Juicy (Bon appetit)!