Bread in Russian with flax meal

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I recently searched the Internet for bread from flax flour, but alas, all the recipes were, I was not approached for various reasons and I decided to try to make your recipe, and behold, three attempts to bake bread with flax meal later, I found the perfect recipe with a crispy crust. The only downside of the recipe is that the bread turns out not sweet and is it recommended with jam or better with a hot bowl of soup and garlic.

Ingredients for Bread in Russian with flax meal

Step by step instruction of cooking Bread in Russian with flax meal

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You need to take a saucepan or any utensil, to sleep there all dry bulk ingredients: 2 cups wheat flour 3 tablespoons flax flour 3 tablespoons flax seeds 3 tablespoons ground oatmeal into flour, salt, a packet of fast acting dry yeast. Stir.

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The resulting dough should be put in the same pot, on a warm radiator or in a warm place, so that it is increased twice or more, depending on the pan. Then the dough a tablespoon of how to arrange it in the pan. Next grease a deep a large pan with butter and transfer the dough there. Let the dough sit for another 30 minutes. When the batter forms a round cap over the pan, then immediately put in a preheated 200 degree oven.

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When the dough is ready, allow to cool, and you can try. Bread, you should get something like this in the picture.