A fresh and spicy salad with beef

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We try to eat salads often, they have on the table almost daily. There are permanent friends to our table, Pets - these are different variations of "the Greek salad" (aka "Herding", aka "the Village" in Greece itself); variations on a theme of salad "Caesar" (with chicken, with shrimp, but you can with salted fish); "Olivier" - where the same without him (again with the options - meat, chicken, and then just "almost Easy Olivier" without potatoes and carrots, but lettuce). But sometimes fantasy is included. Then most often, the salad is created on the fly, and it is, in General, the name assigned to it is not... it happened with this salad. Wanted a fresh, but hearty, and at the same time spicy note, with a slight kick. We liked the result, so share with you!

Ingredients for A fresh and spicy salad with beef

Step by step instruction of cooking A fresh and spicy salad with beef

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In the presence of boiled beef or baked, salad be prepared very quickly.
Cut meat small cubes. Also cut a pickle.

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Crumble them boiled eggs.

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Take the lettuce, I have Romano. Fit and iceberg. Can and cabbage take, I think.

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Tear them smaller and send the rest of the ingredients.

Шаг 5

Take a large bunch of greens. I have a mixture of young onion used young garlic from the garden, and parsley with dill from the market. Cut and attach to the rest of the ingredients.

Шаг 6

Make a dressing: 1 teaspoon mustard (a good Dijon) mix with 3 tbsp of brine from the cucumbers, add the 2 tbsp olive oil extra virgin, a little pepper and mix. I pointed out the salt in the ingredients, but I suggest you first fill the salad and to try and then decide whether you need more salt.

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Salad to fill and stir. If you suddenly do not have enough filling, you can just add oil. But we were at the time!

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Help yourself to health!