Onion grilled cheese

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Dear friends, you must confess that fried onions I really need! And cheese croutons of course love! The simplest recipe is to remind everyone to want!

Ingredients for Onion grilled cheese

Step by step instruction of cooking Onion grilled cheese

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Finely chop the onion ( amount of onion to your discretion, we love to have a lot ).

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Fry the onions in butter until Golden.

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Onions together with the oil to shift in a bowl.

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Grind in a blender

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Two options of cooking
1)in a frying pan fry the onion with the ground, quickly toast both sides.
2) Option of the oven, dip the bread in the onion butter mixture.

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Spread on a baking sheet.

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Sprinkle with cheese (I RUB on a small grater)

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And quickly put in well-heated oven until Browning, literally 5-7 minutes, but be careful not to overdo, make sure that the bow is not very fried from below (although natural dark crust allowed).

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Croutons ready.

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Bon appetit!