Terrine of pork shank with pickles

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Easy to prepare and very tasty terrine. A great alternative to the Brawn, or Brawn. The base recipe is from Irina Khlebnikova /for which I am very grateful to/ with my additions.

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Ingredients for Terrine of pork shank with pickles

Step by step instruction of cooking Terrine of pork shank with pickles

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These are the basic ingredients.

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Knuckle, ear and skin, boil in little water with salt and dry the roots. 10 minutes before readiness add the allspice and Bay leaf. I cooked in slow cooker for 3 hours.

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Shape cover with cling film /stock, enough to cover the top/ at the bottom put a layer of pork skins and the ear. Knuckle to disassemble the pieces of meat average.

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Garlic and herbs are minced, salted cucumbers cut into cubes of medium size. All mix, add capers.

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Mix with meat, add a ladle of broth from the shank. The broth should be slightly salty.

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Put the meat in shape.

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Cover the terrine of pork rind, wrap in cling film and chill.

Шаг 8

I have spent the terrine in the fridge overnight.

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From holds shape well, although prepared without using gelatin. Very tasty by itself and the form of a sandwich with black bread and horseradish.

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Next time I will add in the terrine even more pickles, as I think the taste will benefit from this!

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Bon appetit!