Spicy vegetables with rice

262 - 20 минут 2 порции

Assorted vegetables with red chili pepper, young cabbage, Apple, celery, zucchini, bell pepper and tomato-we can say that already a separate dish and with rice in the country-hearty and delicious. Prepared quickly, while cooked cereal!

Ingredients for Spicy vegetables with rice

Step by step instruction of cooking Spicy vegetables with rice

Шаг 1

Prepare the vegetables.

Шаг 2

Boil rice as instructed on the package.

Шаг 3

Put the pan or casserole on the fire, pour oil, heat and put chopped garlic. After a minute, when the oil becomes fragrant, sent to him a bow.

Шаг 4

Then follow in order the vegetables. Vegetables cut into arbitrarily as you like. Cut celery and zucchini sent to the pan.

Шаг 5

Grate the carrots. Young carrots can simply be cut. Send the same direction.

Шаг 6

Next -peppers chili and Bulgarian, tomato. From Chile I removed the seeds. Here we have vegetables to prisolit them to give juice. I stew vegetables in their own juice.

Шаг 7

Finely cut young cabbage and place it in the pan.

Шаг 8

Followed by an Apple. Apple is very tasty!

Шаг 9

At the end of cooking for 3 minutes, put the spices. I took spices to the vegetables and Bay leaf. Put your favorite spices.

Шаг 10

The rice is cooked and the vegetables too!