Chicken liver "Simple version"

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With liver so many wonderful recipes! Believe me, we love her not in vain! Always something new I remember! Friends, you have to offer! So juicy, tasty, tender! Well, just everything, of course! Health help yourself! And happy stay!

Ingredients for Chicken liver "Simple version"

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken liver "Simple version"

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Onion cut into half or quarter rings, fry in vegetable oil.

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Pepper cut into strips. add to the onions

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Fry just a couple of minutes

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Liver wash, clean and slice as you like, but not very large pieces, add to the frying pan to the onions and sweet peppers

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Over high heat, quickly fry the liver with vegetables

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Add tomato paste, mustard, honey, salt, pepper

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Stir, simmer for a few minutes and switch off.

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The dish is ready

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Bon appetit!