Beet molasses "Molasses"

310 - 60 минут -

Often recipes require syrup (also called molasses), but in the shops it is very difficult to find. So, prepare the syrup by yourself! It's simple and easy. Recipe found on the Internet, authored by Irina Kamshilin, for which she thanks a lot!

Ingredients for Beet molasses "Molasses"

Step by step instruction of cooking Beet molasses "Molasses"

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Carefully rubs his hands in the water the beets, so she let the juice.

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When the water becomes brown, strain it through cheesecloth. Beetroot cake again adding water in the ratio of 4:1 and again rubs and filtered.

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Pressed juice, put on fire, add sugar and bring to a boil. Immediately after boiling, diminish the fire and cook until thick. I boil down took about 40 minutes.

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When the juice is darker (a sort of brown tint), is boiled in 2.5-3 times and will smell a little caramel syrup is ready! Will not overdo the syrup! If a draining spoon, the syrup forms a thread, then digested and cooled syrup will Sacharissa.
Of the proposed amount of ingredients I came up with 100 ml of molasses.
Of course, molasses is left beet taste, but for my tastes, baking it just gives flavor.