Sweet rye-wheat bread with dried fruit

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Bread "Dessert". What can I say about this bread? The name speaks for itself. Airy, moderately sweet bread with added dried fruit. A great option for Breakfast and/or snack. Baking in the bread maker and in the oven. I will describe both options of cooking. The quantity and composition of ingredients is given for the basic version, but I will give an example of how changed the composition to your taste. So...

Ingredients for Sweet rye-wheat bread with dried fruit

Step by step instruction of cooking Sweet rye-wheat bread with dried fruit

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Followed by the yeast.

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And finally, the last step is sifted rye and wheat flour, malt, sugar and salt.

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Included kneading, "rye", and then the dough looks like this.

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Bread from HP is very airy, but easy to cut. And, of course, does not compare to store-bought.

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So the debate about the dangers of yeast and yeast is still in progress. Leave them aside, let them argue. It is not our business. But it is better to minimize possible adverse effects. So do the big. For more information about her can be found in the Internet or at Mariana Z http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/122 037/
On the eve of the measured liquid 70 ml of the total, sifted 70 g flour, too, of the total weight. Yeast I prefer fresh, but dry. Who was accustomed to.
We need 2 g fresh. Accordingly, 2/3 g of dry.
In the hot liquid dissolve the yeast, sift flour. Stir. Put in the fridge for a day.
Yes, any pastry is baked using whey from the curd. Here's a she. The green just shines a towel:) actually transparent.

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After a day of big increases in 2 times, bubbles. The photo of the big 5 days after mixing.

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The remaining 240 ml of fluid that needs to be heated to about 40 degrees, dissolve salt and sugar. Add the vegetable oil. This time I shredded the dried fruit into a puree and added in the liquid component. But you can not do this. Then add the dried fruit at the end of the batch.
Gently mix the big and liquid ingredients.

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Adding the flour to the liquid portion, knead the dough. Knead at least 10 minutes to "lightness". The dough will be slightly sticky. This is normal. Put it in a container greased with vegetable oil, cover with foil and put in warm place to rise.

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The dough has risen, has increased in 2 times. It took about 2-3 hours. During this time the dough a couple of times, it is desirable to press down, so the product will be much lighter.
If you do not put the big, oven the full amount of yeast, you will need less time.

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Paraclade the batter into the prepared baking dish and leave For proofing for about 20 - 30 min.
Then bake in a preheated 180 degree oven.

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I really hope that the recipe will appeal and method of preparation You choose for the availability of units and time.
Bon appetit!