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Crackers "Spicy delight!"

Crackers "Spicy delight!"

A lot of bread does not happen! If he remains, always helping us out! Even do not have to think, we the crackers fry, they taste so juicy! And around the house will disperse the fragrance is incredible! Dear, help yourself! All's get cracking together! And more, don't hesitate! We have this dish!

Cooking time 10 minutes Number of servings6

Ingredients for Crackers "Spicy delight!"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Crackers "Spicy delight!"

Step 1

Products. The number of products at your discretion

Step 2

Dry (preferably deep) pan to heat, put the chopped small cubes of bread

Step 3

To dry roast it on medium heat, stirring

Step 4

Prepare the garlic-pepper dressing: paprika, salt, passed through garlic press

Step 5

Mix well

Step 6

Crackers our already dry, add to them the garlic-pepper mixture and mix well

Step 7

Even fry a while, the bread crumbs should soak up the dressing

Step 8

Then lay them butter

Step 9

Mix well and bring to readiness, they should absorb the oil and fry until Golden brown.

Step 10

Croutons ready.

Step 11

Help yourself!